Telefone Quiosques Multimédia

Depending on type and complexity of the installation, you may need a server to ensure that the Digital Signage, Corporate TV or even Queue Management System works perfectly.

Their solution is always unique and you may need a server to ensure the effectiveness of the system.

When installing Queue Management / Digital Signage / Corporate TV, we made an analysis of your needs to determine the requirement or not of a dedicated server for the system.

In most of the small systems, this server is not necessary and even the whole system can be installed on the PLAYER, on the computer kiosk or even a computer that already exists in the place..

However there are some facilities that because of their complexity or size may require the use of a server for all software application operates in a professional and above all uninterrupted way.

The customer is free to choose between using a computer/server in the existing facilities, or acquire a specific server for the system or if you purchased the system under SaaS just need to host the software on our servers.

There are many factors that can determine the decision to install a local server or a software-as-a-Service (SaaS). For further information about what kind of system will be most desirable for your installation, please contact us.

We are certain that you can save money and always have a system that suits your needs and requirements.






















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