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Software as a Service
QMAGINE usually sells its software on a concept of selling licenses (server / players), but we also have the option in the SaaS model.

The concept of SaaS, or Software as a Service is a business model where the customer does not buy the software but pay a regular (monthly / quarterly / annual) for the use of software.

This is a model that might be interesting for various types of businesses or projects, since there is no need for a total initial investment to purchase the licenses.

Also with this model, software updates can automatically be guaranteed in a transparently way to the client.

How it works ?
In technological terms, SaaS solutions typically do not require the need to install an application / software on your computer or server to management of the process. Typically these applications are web servers and just nedd to simply access the application via the Internet using any web browser.

This is a great advantage since it allows to make the management of one or several channels of digital signage & corporate television in any part of the globe simply having a computer with Internet access.

Safety and Reliability
All solutions for digital signage and corporate tv need an Internet connection so that the prepared contents could be sent to the players. Thus, there may not be any disadvantages of the SaaS model, since this solution also uses the internet to transfer contents to players.

The only basic difference is that the administration of the system (backoffice) in this case is the Internet, accessible from a common browser.

SaaS solutions are lodge in professional data centers with high redundancy equipment and Internet connections as well as the continuous support of highly qualified technicians who constantly monitorize the service.

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