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Create an internal channel and communicate with their guests with more comfort.

The solution QMAGINE Channel is now available for catering, communication of the future is now at your fingertips.

The Qmagine Channel offers an entertainment experience, connectivity and communication that goes beyond offering a normal internal channel.

Guests seeking hotels receive information related to their environment in a simple, comfortable and personalized.

The Qmagine Channel does wonders in delivering relevant and useful information for the hosts still possible that it can be customized for groups or individuals, in a format more attractive through animated layouts (videos, flashes, images), (depends on the structure of the hotel) .

The Qmagine Channel allows the creation of an internal channel fully configurable so that it can convey to all guests throughout the hotel related information.

All this at a low cost

Eliminate signs of fixing information and replace it with Qmagine Channel. There are numerous advantages and uses the Qmagine Channel can bring to the hotel and the guest:

- Information on events, services, promotions, etc;
- Tourist attractions (monuments, museums and other);
- Contact information of the hotel;
- Information hourly hotel (meals, chek out, spa, pool, others ...);
- Presentation of Public Information (Weather, news, clock ...);
- Custom Show hotel;
- Reduce operating costs

With Qmagine Chanel you can:

- Promoting the hotel services
It can promote the restaurants, bars, shops, spa services and other hotel services. Even you can configure the information to be dynamically throughout the day to reflect the different interests throughout the day, lunch, breakfast, dinner specials as well as highlight the creations of chefs or thematic festivals taking place in the hotel.

- Keep guests informed about the offerings
Hours of pools, location of fitness rooms, broadband internet availability, schedules check out. This information may be released directly into TV guest in order to reduce the number of calls to be made for the reception.

- Keep guests informed about the world
Automatically generated content can keep your customer updated with the world, news feeds, weather information can be presented in specific zones of the tv always accompanied with the hotel logo.

- Create specific information for groups and conventions
Along with organizing conventions can convey important information to participants through Qmagine Channel, information times and locations where the meetings take place can be sent to the TV participants.

- Sale of advertising space
Complement your hotel offers partnerships with the hotel. This is a way to publicize products and services to businesses in the city where you are, what you can generate an additional revenue stream.
Advertisements from local restaurants, tourist groups, rental vehicles, museums and other local attractions, fairs, exhibitions, etc., may be disclosed by Qmagine Channel, leading to increased revenues and / or increased partnerships.

- Expand the information to different areas of the hotel
Besides the presentation of information in the rooms, you can also extend the service to other areas Qmagine Channel's hotel, lobby, waiting area, elevators .... leveraging the existing infrastructure of the hotel. The information to be presented in different zones can be equal or different to that presented in the rooms.

Qmagine Channel brings familiarity to the hotel TV .... to streamline your operations, cut expenses and new revenue streams.

The TV channels in the room can also be used as a local advertising to help create additional revenue for the hotel.

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