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A key component of any digital signage or corporate tv project

One of the main component of a digital signage project is the PLAYER. The player receives information from the server or backoffice and makes the content transmission.

It is therefore essential to find a robust solution, with features that allow the transmission of high quality videos but simultaneously is essential that the player is very small and compact because normally the most appropriate place for fix it is behind the display.

Especially if your company is looking for a reliable solution but at the same time with affordable cost, then the difficulties begin increasingly larger.

The QMAGINE PLAYER was designed and developed having in mind these assumptions (small and specially designed to digital signage networks).

Working in partnership with a leading national computer manufacturing, we could choose for this PLAYER components that best fit the transmission of digital contents through digital signage networks, whether they are displays, video walls, kiosks, advertising panels and other devices.

Each Player can immediately include the operating system and above all a pre-installed QMAGINE software becoming that will turn this playe in a plug-and-play product.

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