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Rear Projection Foil, Interactive Foil, Interactive Showcase
The Rear Projection Foils are increasingly used in Digital Signage and corporate TV systems for the impact they can create. Adding an interactive foil you can create interactive surfaces and thus it is possible that a simple showcase of a store suddenly becomes a complete system with interactive advertising.

The best solution to transform any glass or window in a interactive advertising experience.

If you are looking to exploit the market expansion through, for example Storefront shop, this touchscreen solution, with glass touch is a fantastic solution for your business.

With this technology, a number of applications and software can be adapted becoming an excellent sales tool. The Interactive Foil run through any material (except metal) up to 2.5cm thickness.

The Interactive Foil can be combined with rear-projection foils and several projection systems such as video projectors or LCD displays.

This interactive foil can be used in many business areas which are highlight storefront, tv studios, trade, advertising and more.

Can be used permanent or removable interactive foils.

Regarding sizes they vary between 30 to 100 inches, 16:9 aspect ratio (84 inches at 4:3).

These interactive Foils will leave surprised any customer with the interaction through a glass that the foil allows.

The Interactive Foil can be used during day or night with any projector LCD or through the use of any adhesive foil, creating a visual impact of "any angle" in any size.

The foil has a special coating technology. The only light diffusion/layer dispersion generates brilliant directing the projected light for display position efficiently.

This interactive foil even with a rear projection (projector) is capable to present brighter digital images, both during the day or night and even with direct sunlight, provides amazing results..

Any projector available in the market can easily work with this interactive foil.


The "WOW" effect. Besides interactivity, we can also create more impact with holographic foils!

Any projector available in the market can easily work with this interactive holographic foil.

The holographic foil is available to run perfectly with the projection angles of 20, 38 or 55 degrees.

Sizes are available between 30 and 67 inches.

It is almost completely transparent when the projector is not connected. Can be combined with an interactive foil, making an interactive surface.

The holographic foil has a "WOW" effect on people and serves as an excellent way to capture the attention of your audience.

Showglass ... what is it! .

The ShowGlass is an innovative product patented by the Partteam Group that is a design piece that becomes a dynamic advertising system with interactivity possibility.

If there is any glass or a window to create the interactive foil, then ShowGlass is the best solution because it allows you to recreate the scenario of an interactive on the glass that can be placed anywhere.




















Any video projector (at least to 2500 ansilumens for indoor use) can be used to broadcast images for the rear projection foils and interactive Foils.

















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