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Be a partner with a technologically advanced company that owns products that are currently referenced in the world.

QMAGINE, is Partteam Group department that operates in several sectorse Quiosques self-service e dispensadores de senhas electrónicos ou multimédia, including self-service kiosks and ticket dispensers, Queue Management Software, Digital Signage and CorporateTV, Interactive Multimedia Systems, graphic design and advertising, telecommunications and hardware engineering, programming and interactive web applications, etc.. Partteam Group is proud to be one of the few domestic manufacturers of multimedia kiosks, possessing and making their own models of production equipment as customers.

Currently Partteam Group has a wealth of experience,
unique in Portugal with regard to development and product multimedia kiosks self-service dispensers or ticket dispenser and queue management and Digital Signage management software. We have more than 50 standard kiosk models and we have the capacity to produce any kiosk as any client wants

The success of our company is also obviously because of a wide number of National and International partners, recognizing the potential of our solutions and interactive multimedia kiosks, making efforts to promote our products, and obtaining great results with their clients.

Due to demands of our customers, the company currently provides two types of partnership:

Partner / Reseller
The company operates in the small and medium segment enterprises (PMEs) and large companies and multinationals. This fact represent potential profits for our partners and resellers.

Our partner / reseller program, granted discounts to allow you to sell our solutions among customers with high quality at competitive prices which make you achieve your business goals.

If you have the ability to promote, sell and install our solutions, be sure to apply in become our partner / reseller..

* you can leave with us all the installation processo

Referral Program
If you are able to provide our solutions to your customers, or have a business where potential customers buy our products,but you don't have the ability to carry out a complete commercial work, install the kiosk or give technical support,you can win with our company in the Referral Program.

Our Referral Program is a partnership that will financially compensate (or your business) by showing us business opportunities, if they materialize, and with the advantage that we do all the work ... for you.

If you refer a customer to us and we make business, your company will receive 5% of the sale *.

You only have to register with the referral program, and send to our company the potential business opportunities that you might receive from your clients portfolio.

* this program is subject to special terms and conditions that you must apply through
quiosques multimedia

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