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Own Hardware
Despite having specific professional hardware for attendance management systems (eg kiosks) and for Digital Signage and Corporate TV, we give the customer the freedom to choose another type of hardware or even use existing hardware.

We now know that despite the seek for professional systems is increasingly, customers have a very clear idea of how to contain cost in certain components. It's for that reason that even though we carefully selected a specific hardware for our systems, customers always have the final decision.

This approach allows you to choose the type of hardware that best supports your business and your specific needs. This hardware may include the display, media player, or a combination of both.

We also recommend professional LCD's (so they can work 24 / 7), but the customer will always have the final decision on this issue and may even decide for a regular LCD.

If you really want to use your own hardware, we will recommend the specifications needed for the project, which system you have to implement and the image quality you want to submit, etc..

The server (only required on some installations), can also be supplied by your company or even an existing one on your facilities, within you own network.a

Contact our commercial and technical team to perform a project that will fill your needs.













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