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Installation & Setup
Use our installation and configuration services so that your project has the effectiveness that you want.

The first step to a successful implementation and installation of the system is to choose the right products, required and recommended for the project.

Each project has its own characteristics and requirements and therefore it's critical that the system analysis is performed by experienced technical and commercial persons, to be selected hardware, software and network architecture requirements.

So once you have correctly chosen the system components to implement, a the installation and configuration of the system is one of the most important assumptions for a working system.

A professional installation allows the system to work with minimal flaws and the way it was conceived. QMAGINE performs installations and provides the highest quality support and services through a national and international network of installers.

We have all the knowledge in the installation of such systems, whether is Digital Signage, Queue Management management or a combinations of these two systems. The installation of the entire system can be realized by our company or other technicians under the supervision and training provided by our company.

When relying on our company services and products, also ensures that the entire system configuration will be performed in a professional way and above all that could minimize potential problems that may exist in the future. But even in these cases, the installation and correct configuration represent a key role in the process and maintenance of the system.

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