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Queue Management

The main objective of service management is the ordering of the queues in order to improve the quality of services provided.

With the implementation of a attendance management system, the global image of the organizations also will benefit, since this systems provide better organization of services, optimizing the processes and ceasethe traditional queue,that will give higher comfort for the "client. "

The Qmagine Software detach in the market for its functionality and versatility, because it has the ability to adapt to different needs and sectores. Since its simplified version, that prove to be a useful tool for sorting the queue until the latest version, more complex and able to meet all requirements of the costumers.

Its functionality enables the creation and configuration of layouts and system parameters in a very intuitive and accessible way.

If there is a specific project with features that are not yet present in the current version, the QMAGINE development team is available to explore the possibility of new developments as needed.

The customers call can be made using buttons, however our company provides software that is installed on PC's (service call / balcony) in order to make our system the most technologically advanced available in the market..

We also Remember that our software is modular and allows you to integrate the queue mmanagement software with the corporate TV | Digital Signage module. If you are looking for a Global and integrates solution (queue management and coporate tv), then click here now.


The QMAGINE LINE software has 4 distinct modules;

This module has the functionality to configure the entire system, services, balcony, players, ticket dispensers, layouts, etc ... Using Drag and Drop techniques, is very simple to create layouts with excellent results.

This module is responsible for the presentation of content on the displays / monitors / lcd's, where all the information from the queue management, attendnce tickets, help desk, services, will appear.

Ticket Dispenser
The ticket dispenser can have different forms: manuals (roll), push buttons, touchscreen etc... Many different models that can be found HERE.

Ticker Software application
This application will be used by people who'll call the customers / users. They are able to perform the ticket call or the forwarding for other services.
The call can be made in two forms: through software installed on a PC or via radio buttons.

• Improve the quality of the service;
• Improve organizational image;
• Optimize clients attendance processes;
• Reduce large amoung of peoples in the attendance zones;
• Increased efficiency in the attendance management;
• Broadcast information, training, promotions to customers / users on hold;;
• Plan atteandance based on information given by the system;
• Users / operators management (tickets and password);
• Detailed statistical information;
• Information for customer / user via WEB;
• Information for customer / user via SMS;

• Alerts for users on hold;
• Informations on waiting time;

Show us your project and we will immediately present the best solution and best offer with no costs fo you.

(fig. 1 - Backoffice - Services Configuration)

(fig. 2 - Display / LCD - Layout Example)


(fig. 3.1 - Call buttons software image)

(fig. 3.2 - Call Buttons without computer)

Possible Configuration

Filas Espera

(fig. 4 - Queue Management Software with manual ticket dispenser and wireless call buttons for customers / users)

(fig. 5 - Queue Management Software with multimedia kiosks or automatic ticket dispenserand call buttons for customers / user through software QM Pad)

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