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The formation of users is one of the most important situations for the effectiveness of the installation.

The company's services include usersPartteam training, both in hardware or software.

For the installation of Digital Signage, Corporate TV or Queue Management Systems can work effectively is essential that users have a comprehensive training for all systems.

QMAGINE has technicians with the skills to provide training to all types of users, since those who will only work with basic systems up to IT technicians who are also responsible for maintaining the systems.

The systems installed by QMAGINE may include a combination of various hardware and software components, which would include the installation of computers, servers, players, converters and signal extenders, multimedia kiosks ticket dispensers, displays, rear projection Foils, corporate tv software, Digital Dignage management software and Queue Management.

The technical experience of this division of Partteam Group is therefore essential for the formation of all these components. is performed in an effective and focused mainly on various players individually or collectively (in the training room), it is these that will manage all components that are part of an installation.

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