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In many cases our support is essential for the proper functioning of equipment. See this page of questions and answers ... here may be the answer to your problem.
I have a question or a technical issue on software or equipment sold by QMAGINE. How do I get clarification?

You can send an email to our Technical Support or call and for us and our technical departments will certainly give you all the support needed.

Tel.: Technical Support: + 351 252 378 589
Email Technical Support:

Technical Support: 9:30 a.m. to 18:30 (Monday to Friday business days)

I'm having trouble installing this equipment or malfunctioning displays. How can I get support?

You should always first consult the instruction manual that came with it to make sure it is the correct procedure. If you are checking to validate the procedures, we ask that you contact the partner that sold you the equipment for further clarification.

If our company directly sell the device, then use the contact Technical Support for clarification.

What are the procedures for the equipmen repair ?

a. NEVER try to repair the equipment without express permission or indications from our technical dept.

b. Always keep the purchase invoice. This will be the proof that the equipment was purchased by your company and ensures its technical assistance. Without this document, will not perform any operation or clarification regarding the equipment.

c. If it is determined that the problem of your equipment can not be solved remotely (telephone, remote assistance), then you should first fill the formal request for assistance through the RTA form found on this website under SUPPORT (RTA - Request for Technical Assistance)

d. If it is determined that the equipment nedds to be sent to our company, you should fill in the RMA which you can find on this website under SUPPORT (RMA - Authorization)

e. It will be assigned a definitive number of RMA which will be sent by our technical dept. This RMA number should be sent together with the equipment. Equipment received without this number will not be considered.

Also check that you send all the related accessories with the equipment.

The equipment warranty has expired. I still can send to your company for repair?

Obviously yes. You must do the various procedures presented previously. Once the equipment is not under warranty will be send a specific proposal for the repair. After the validation of the proposal and achieve the stipulated payments, the equipment will be repaired and sent back to yout facilities. See the terms of service.
What is covered by the warranty?
Please see the general conditions for equipment warranty
All departments of Partteam company and QMAGINE division are at your disposal to provide you a quality service. Do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification.
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