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• Digital or manual Ticket dispenser
The software allows that the ticket dispenser can be made ​​in the ordinary manuals dispensers or through a multimedia kiosk or with push buttons

• Integration with Digital Signage or CorporateTV
The software allows integration with Digital Signage / CorporateTV software, and lets you create any layout for the presentations of both queue or Digital Signage systems.

• Simple and intuitive
The software provides a simple and intuitive use, either by the user and the operator.

• Call through tactile display
The call through tactile display enables advantageously replace the usual systems for call button, allowing more effective use.

• Multimedia call potential
The clients call can be made ​​by through a LED panel or a display, with the ability to integrate digital signage system.

• Voice Call Module
The ticket to be attended can be automatically called by the system through digitized voice, also indicating the position where it will be attended,

• Services Timetable
The schedule programming of availability of a service allows the system manager to define the time within which are issued the tickets for that service.

• Local or remote management
The complete management of the system can be performed locally or remotely in order to make possible, for example, multiple channels management.

• Alerts
The system lets you set alerts, such as the number of users on hold, thereby enabling to ensure a good service quality and effective service.

• Transfer between departments
The operator can redirect a user to another service, with several forms of integration of the users on the waiting list for the new service where it was forwarded.

• Statistics
The software allows fone set of essential statistics to perform system analysis and their efficiency.

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