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The QMAGINE software is a multimedia software that allows you to manage Digital Signage or Corporate TV locally or remotely through various platforms (displays, kiosks, advertising panels, mupis, projection, etc.))

• Management and Maintenance On The Air (Real Time)
The software allows the management of all content and the divisions created in the displays (advertising, movies, TV, multimedia, Feeds, footnote messages, clock, temperature) are updated in intuitive way and in real time.

Any modification to the backoffice is immediately "transferred" to all players on the channel.

• Interactivity
The QMAGINE software has truly extraordinary features, converging on the same software the possibility of creating a channel for digital signage or corporate TV and, at the same time, set that channel interactive.

This interactive digital communication becomes common in the kiosks/advertising panels that allow interaction and autonomy of consumers towards a product.

• Integration with third-party's software in a simple and intuitive way
The software provides the links with any third party software through various interfaces ranging from Web Services, direct connection to the database,feeds and rss, allowing easely, an intuitive and dynamic communication without the administrators intervention.

• Channel Management and selectively Players
The software enables the content management, advertising campaigns and even video streaming individualy or by groups, thus allowing to perform channel management in an integrated or selectively, and even within the channels down the levels of customization for players.

Through this way it's possible to create a global or differentcommunication concept for each channel or for each player.

• Monitoring
Through integration with other software developed by QMAGIN, you can get a monitoring system in real time, with statistics, two-way communication, content update, status check of players, etc..

• Advantages from Program Contents
The software compatibility with most of file formats, allows multimedia content or information that already exists within companies and institutions, can be reused and placed into digital signage or corporate TV channels. It is possible with this concept eliminate hours of work that had been developed.

• Layouts and Contents Import and Export
The platform enables the reuse of layouts that have already been created for a particular player or channel to other channels on the same company or institution. Also content and campaigns can be reused with the export and import function.

With this function we can, for example, replicate a corporate channel exporting the entire configuration (layouts, content, etc.). to another channel.

• Local or remote management
The complete system management can be performed locally or remotely making possible by this way a multiple channels management.

• Corporate Collaboration
The system allows to set users permissions so that each user can only access and manage the content/channels assigned to it.

Thus is possible that media agencies and communication companies responsables can update the corporate channels or digital signage system from a company or institution, without the risk of changing the layout or structure that was defined by the system administrator.

This tool is essential when the channels begins to have levels of permanent updating and specially when they reach a size that does not allow an individual content management, either by their complexity, but especially for its variety and specificity.

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