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Transmitters and Receivers
Transmitters and receivers are essential to the broadcast of video and audio signals and allow, in many cases, a significant costs reduction.

In some installations (depending on configuration), you can get substantial cost savings without compromising efficiency of the system, using transmitters/receivers (extensor) of audio and video signal.

With this equipment, we can decrease the number of players required to perform an installation of service of Digital Signage / corporate TV, especially if the contents are the same in all or some players.

Usualy these devices are installed in pairs and consists in a transmitter and a receiver.

There are extenders that allow signal transmission up to 100 meters and others who provide translation/extension of the signal up to 300 meters, depending on image resolution.

The connection is made from players to the transmitters and signal transmission is then performed by UTP through direct UTP connections that provides a highly reliable transmission of video and audio.

There are also other types of transmitters that allow to send simultaneously the signal to 5 receivers, one of them will be connected through VGA cable and the others directly in UTP.

As mentioned, with these transmitters / receivers, since the signal (content to be transmitted) are the same, you can avoid the need to put a PLAYER for each display that you wish to transmit the contents of Digital Signage / Corporate TV or Queue Management information.

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