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One of the main component of a digital signage project is the DISPLAY. The display will show all the contents that were previously scheduled.

The company has partnerships with major global manufacturers of displays (LG, SAMSUNG, NEC, HYNDAI, etc..) so we can provide the best solution for each specific project..

Usualy we use a methodology with the integration of professional displays for Digital Signage or Corporate Tv. However there may be some projects where a regular display may be a solution.

In this point the QMAGINE technical consulting team will help the client to choose the best option, aiming to always find the most effective solution, but obviously that allows the customer to reduce implementation costs.

Especially in situations of intensive use where the displays are connected 24/7, the use of professional displays is not a suggestion but it becomes an obligation.

That is why it became clear that the QMAGINE team know the full project so that it can choose the most suitable components which will shape the Digital Signage networks in more efficient, but especially robust way.

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