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Channel Management
Use our channel management or content management service to obtain a Digital Signage or Corporate Tv system with high impact.

Our services also include Digital Signage or Corporate TV channels management, multimedia content creation, update contents, system maintenance, playlists creation, etc..

The client only need to send us the guidelines and, of course, the content that need to be updated and our company will execute the channel management, avoiding technical concerns to the client.

It is obviously important to have a advanced and fully functional Digital Signage / Corporate Tv system, but
is in fact the existence of content that catches the attention of the audience and that factor will be the success of a Digital Signage or Corporate TV channel.

This solution applies both for small clients, who do not have technological capabilities, graphic and design concepts also applies to larger companies. Often we realize that many customers (some of them with large dimensions) have their corporate TV channels with poor quality content, without any interest and above all with any design quality".

Customers should realize that they are creating another channel to promote their products and services (whether for "internal consumption" by employees, whether for clients) and therefore they need to have extreme care in the presented contents.

Our company has the possibility to develop or adapt content and perform the updates to customers channel.

• Images
• Videos
• Flash Animations
• Advertising
• Web Contents

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